Charlie + Tom (feat. Jason) Vs. Miles (feat. Chair Jenga) | 2.19

"You are the worst thing that ever happened to him."

Wednesday, 7 of May, 2014
#nbc revolution  #Shit Happens  #Charlie Matheson  #Tom Neville  #Miles Matheson  #GIF set  #Mine  #2.19  #I don't really know what this is. I was just sick of no more Marlie scenes. So I artificially combined them.  #And IMO Charlie is the best thing that's happened to a lot of people - Miles especially. So I guess that's the contrast.  #Or whatever draw your own conclusions.  #And I may not ship Jarlie - never have - but I can appreciate the loveliness of that flashback shot. And it's even sadder coz (from  #what I remember) his words just prior are 'I thought you were dead.' (Coz you know - that bell tower collapsed on top of her.)  #And then on the other side you have Miles...continuing to fail at escaping. But in a totally adorable way. That makes sure it's not boring.  #Literally the score is like: Basement 4 | Miles 0 by now...  #And for those keeping score that's 2 fathers who want Charlie nowhere near their kid. She's got a bit of a rep. I'm very proud.  #Oh I just randomly miss Maggie right now....  #And just FYI Tom - maybe you shouldn't have sent young impressionable Jason after Charlie in the first place.  #And I love how Tom's not menacing at her - he's legit just warning her off. Coz she can't see the gun swing back around to her.  #So I'd say that's something he does without thinking...and I'm sorry this is the most distracting gifset. I keep looking at Mile's little gr  #in and it knocks all other thoughts out of my head. Except for missing Maggie. Maggie would have enjoyed seeing Miles fall off that chair.  #I'm glad it looks like Charlie finds Miles in 2.20. (Bass and Rachel really don't deserve to find him first.)  #I want almost too much Marlie next ep. Except there's no such thing. It could just be 40 minutes of Charlie and Miles walking back  #to camp and I'd still love it. And by walking I mean limping...and oh I hope she gets to help him along arm around his waist.  #Miles asking if she's always been this short as she starts telling him Aaron's back. And he interrupts with gossip about Marion and Gene.  

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