Charlie & Monroe | 2.13

New Vegas.

Friday, 7 of February, 2014
#nbc revolution  #Happy Endings  #Bass x Charlie  #Charlie Matheson  #Sebastian Monroe  #2.13  #GIF set  #mine  #revolution season two  #When I first watched this scene I read it as Bass realising the kids have pulled the con and probably need him right now.  #Because if there's anyone who can find trouble faster than he and Miles it's Charlie and Connor. But since then I've seen  #the idea floated around that he was sort of trying but mostly just letting himself get pummeled for the sake of providing  #a distraction long enough for the kids to pull the switch. And I think they're both really valid and IDC which is more accurate.  #Either way he pulls himself up by his bootstraps and beats that guy into next week. ALSO he looks like a rockstar or something  #doing it. THAT KNEE ACTION THO. I would attend your rock concert sir. (OOOOH I want a Rock Concert AU.)  #And Charlie. CHARLIE is all Indiana Jones running flatout from the angry Vegas natives. Parkour-ing it up to that fence  #(look who's a better fence climber than Bass!). Dropping the faux merchandise and skedaddling it into the desert (?).  #Road runner style. I love her. And I laughed a little picturing her waiting at the rendezvous point glaring in the direction  #the boys should be arriving from with their curls bouncing and waving in the wind. I know alot of people seem to think she's  #going to run home (the Charlie-Rachel scenes were from S1 btw) or wait somewhere while stuff gets settled. But I can't imagine her NOT sneak  #ing back into N.V and either tracking down Duncan. Or bumping into Duncan as she searches for those stupid boys. She doesn't abandon ppl and  #she's not exactly 'little miss wait on the sidelines'. I know she stands around and thinks alot of her dialogue these days. But not on  #the road and not with Bass. And (on a non-srs note) can you imagine Miles tsk tsking her over losing YET MORE PEOPLE. Like they're  #pets he allowed her to have as long as she promised to look after them and keep them watered. Then everytime she looks at a  #stray from now on Miles sidles up to her all: Remember what happened to Aaron and Monroe and Connor. Are you sure you wanna keep  #him? ...And I sort of hope this Duncan Tribe stuff takes an episode or two to settle. Anywhere but Willoughby would be nice.  #(Except Mexico.) And what happened to the Texas Rangers? And all the M.R Rebels???? Did they get jobs? Move away? What?  

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