Connor, Miles & Monroe | 2.12

"Let me reiterate, screw both of you - with something pointy!"

Sunday, 26 of January, 2014
#nbc revolution  #Miles Matheson  #Sebastian Monroe  #Connor Bennett  #Captain Trips  #Miloe  #revolution season two  #GIF set  #mine  #2.12  #I love Monroe's wide eyes at the 'Whack Job Blonde' comment. Name calling will not be tolerated...within hearing of Miles anyhow.  #And the look Miloe share as Connor rants. Coz now Miles has the same UNCOMFORTABLENESS Monroe's had to deal with when it comes to Charlie  #and Rachel. Which would be really interesting to explore - the symmetry of Charlie being 'wronged' by Bass and learning to accept him  #and Connor being 'wronged' by Miles and learning to get past it. Like a Miloe square of angst and bitching. That just makes them sassy  #as all hell. Coz they're family. & that's both sucky and awesome. I really hope we get some alone time w/ Miloe with their 'kids' eventually  #Both 'kids' gradually getting more and more like Miles and Bass as the day/week goes on UNTIL they just explode in a classic Miloe argument.  #And we have Bass and Miles looking at each other like 'WTF' as Charlie growls at Connor and he shoots a snide remark right back at her.  #And she shoves him and he grins at her and says something very pointed that makes her catch her breath fingers tightening into a fist.  #(I also have a total thing where I want Miloe to get competitive about it. MY KID'S BETTER THAN YOURS type stuff. Like after a battle  #both Miloe wander around counting up bodies as Charlie and Connor puff and frown at them cleaning blood off themselves. Until Miloe come  #back and Miles tilts his head all - SO. And Bass ducks his chin - YOU FIRST. And Miles rolls his eyes - Together. And they call out each  #'kid's' tally at the same time. With Bass wilting afterwards coz Connor's down by 5. And the week's almost over. And Miles beams at Charlie  #who mutters something about them both being sick SOBs as she stomps away as Connor just looks on completely confused. OR SOMETHING)  #And I liked this scene because it reminded us that OKAY. Connor's not just a brat. He has reasons for being a brat. He's just as damaged  #as everyone else....of course the 'crazy eyes' don't exactly help him look reasonable. THO THEY ARE FUNNY AS.  #And I'm sorry WHAT. The Bubonic Plague? And Mexico STILL did better than the US (for a while and in limited regions)???  #How did it get started AGAIN?...and how did it get started in the first place. This episode has me Googling so many things. UGH.  

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    I’m sorry, can we really blame Connor for not wanting to go through all that all over again? Don’t think so. And surely...
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    Connor I Know You’re NOT Trying To Out Sass Your Daddy, The King Of Sass Himself . . . Miloe Are NOT Amused Connor . . ....
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