The Matheson-Monroe Family | 2.12

"You people are nuts."

Friday, 24 of January, 2014
#nbc revolution  #Captain Trips  #Miles Matheson  #Rachel Matheson  #Connor Bennett  #Sebastian Monroe  #revolution season two  #GIF set  #2.12  #mine  #The Mathesons  #I can't help but feel that games of 'Say what you see' between Miles and Connor would be epic.  #They both feel the need to keep a running commentary. We might was well expand on that.  #Coz they're both right. Rachel walked right in the gate looking more like a bank robber than a refugee. And this is nuts.  #And she's smiling.  #And Miloe just ignore the hell out of Connor coz they're not hands on dads. He's got to learn to comfort himself.  #I love that they don't even turn their heads to give him a warning look.  #And Bass is eating some grass. Which is making me think of farmboy AUs...  #Getting Connor out of Mexico was a good thing. The brattiness works in Texas. In Mexico he was kind of a dick.  #And I can't help but wonder what would have happened HAD they been able to convince Connor to go undercover into the camp.  #I can't imagine he'd want to touch the sick people. And omg he's like Aaron - with his repetitive DO YOU KNOW WHAT I USED TO HAVE? THINGS!  #MANY SHINY THINGS. AND GIRLS. AND TEQUILA. AND POOL PARTIES.  #But do you know what he didn't have - friends. Or any ties to Mexico besides that Cartel Boss guy. None in 8 years? Even Bass had friends  #But anyway - I can almost picture an AU where the Blackout never happens and the Mathesons are on a long roadtrip to Disney World or  #something and Ben's driving. And Ben is slow. And every now and then Rachel reaches over to beep the horn. Because the kids are fighting  #in the back. 12 y.o Connor muttering to himself and refusing to let 5 y.o Danny - who's strapped in next to him - touch his DS with his stic  #ky little fingers. And Miles wearing dark shades and trying to curl up against the window with a pillow because Bass insisted they go out  #the night before and he has a raging headache and Danny's squealing is like nails on a chalkboard. And beside him 7 y.o Charlie's  #somehow got a hold of Bass' phone from his jacket pocket and is renaming all his contacts with Disney Character names and giggling to  #herself. As Bass reaches into the row in front to try and reason with Connor about at least letting Danny see the damn screen for christsake  

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