Charlie & Monroe | 2.09 | Trust Issues Pt 1.

Thursday, 21 of November, 2013
#REVOLUTION  #revolution season two  #nbc revolution  #2.09  #GIF set  #mine  #charlie matheson  #sebastian monroe  #charm  #Look how in sync they are!  #AND ALL THE EYE CONTACT.  #She totally spotted the exit before he did. Our girl is eagled eyed.  #I love how his head swings around to follow her gaze and then sweeps back  #and he is such a cocky shit. If this was any other show I'd say he was teasing her by leaving  #that he never intended to go anywhere. He knew she could handle herself for long enough for him to get the upper hand  #But this isn't any other show. He totally thought about leaving. Probably thought he was leaving her behind  #UNTIL he found he couldn't bring himself to leave the landing. Because he'd looked into her eyes. She trusted him for some stupid reason  #And this family is like a drug to him. He NEEDS THEM. Craves their approval. And he'd feel a lot  #worse than he'd like to admit if he was the cause of the youngest Matheson dying. He's gotten to know her at arms length and she's ALRIGHT  #(If you're into bossy. Stunning young women with abandonment issues that rival your own)  #And Miles would never forgive him...  #I like how taken a back Charlie is by his 'betrayal' - like DUDE we were on the cusp of almost being acquaintances  #AND THE HEAD TILTING. I LOVE THE MIRRORING.  #Charlie's all - DON'T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT LEAVING ME. And Bass is all - WHAT'S THAT YOU DARE ME TO LEAVE YOU. OKAY.  #Every time they're alone they're such KIDS. He gets very childish when she tries to control him.  #All: DO YOU KNOW WHO'RE TALKING TO KID. With Charlie's unimpressed: OH I KNOW EXACTLY WHO I'M TALKING TO. LOSER.  #High school is just the place for them really. Now where are the High School AUs? I needs them.  

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