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"Hello Charlotte. It’s nice to finally meet you."

Charlie & Monroe |

How did you find me?

You’re not as hard to track as you think.

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# I guess even if they'd wanted to help (and consequently kill Danny in the process) who would they turn to? How would they find them?
# And there's always the very small chance that turning off the nano causes the world to catch fire...
# But once they're settled. One year passes. Two. Three. Their kids are learning skills they never had to learn. They still have 20 seconds of
# blissful ignorance when they wake up in the morning - where it's all a bad dream. But five years down the one knows anymore
# then they did when the power went out. Billions (?) are dead. Wars have started over land. And you're maybe the only people who can right
# history's course...but you don't and you learn to live with the reality that you don't want to. And you become people who can't trust. Can't
# look back for fear of what they'll see. People who learn how easy it is to lie to their kids...Where does the sacrifice end?
# How many times do you wish you could undo it before you actually try to? How many times do you almost say 'Let's fix it' before realising
# it will probably cost you everything you have left if you do. (I really really wanted more Ben-Rachel flashbacks - as you can tell)
# Having 2 parents as the catalyst for the apocalypse is an incredibly dark concept. And I love that smile Ben can't quite hold onto.

Ben, Charlie, Danny + Rachel | Flashback | 1.02

One week after the Blackout.

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# Why was this conversation squeezed in so late into the season?
# I mean on some level I sort of enjoyed Miles being a chew toy for Bass and Rachel...but you know self-doubt can only be recurring
# (without any progression forwards) for so long before it gets played out. (S1!Miles may not have been running a democracy but at least he wa
# s sure of himself). I do feel like Miles' fear of slipping back into 'World Conquerer' mode was unfounded. And I would have enjoyed it. That
# have been interesting. And new - since we can't have flashbacks of 'the good ol' days' (WHY IS THAT AGAIN?) it'd be the next best thing
# and I guess to some extent we got that in Austin...but not really. It wasn't enough by far. It was like a teaser...just enough of a taste to
# make us crave more. And we sort of got more in 2.22...sort of. Except that Monroe dealt with all the hard stuff on his own...
# So they weren't so much rebuilding as they were dismantling...boooo. Kripke. Miles should have got to leave Willoughby (and not for
# Mexico). I swear to god there's something in the water that makes everyone in that town crazy/soft/illogical.
# I guess I like this scene because while Miles pushes first - it's Bass who gets the last word.
# And they're valid questions - WHAT THE HELL IS MILES DOING THIS SEASON? Why is he so indecisive? (Why isn't he spending any time
# with Charlie? Why not worry about Monroe's motivations AFTER the Patriots are dead and dusted?)
# Even Miles' hair looks sort of mopey in this scene.
# And I love how his gaze moves around Monroe's face while he listens to things he's no doubt asked himself once or twice the last few weeks
# And I love Bass' voice in this. That he's speaking so softly. Clearly having been watching Miles for a while now.
# This really feels like a private conversation. One not meant to be overheard. And then as soon as Miles walks away the bubble bursts
# The moment is over. And Bass raises his voice. (And OMG there's so much eye contact in this scene)
# I wouldn't put it past Miles to believe (as Bass does) that Bass can't rebuild the Republic without him.

Miles & Monroe | 2.16

"You wanna wipe out the Patriot competition so you can waltz in [and] set up some kinda half-assed father-son kingdom."

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# I loved this episode. And while I enjoy the fact that you can't tell what's dictated by the Nano and what's Aaron's mind fighting back
# I also found that really frustrating. Is Miles completely hopeless because he has a very specific 'tough guy' purpose that doesn't extend
# any further because Aaron has Rachel there to do the thinking? OR is this how the nano see Miles? Having written him off
# after seeing how badly he reacted to Nano!Ben ...or is it a combination of both? (Miles isn't exactly a strong force in this S/L)
# Because nothing I saw (or knew) before this season would indicate that Miles was essentially incapable of life without Rachel.
# And I think it's a really detrimental thing to say about any of the characters but especially Miles who the others rely on for strength of
# character and conviction and solid mental state. So it just bothered me that the writers would be so careless. I mean you can (try and)
# convince me that Riles is the bees knees without weakening Miles (or Rachel). I'd think more of the pairing if it didn't require them to
# change who we've seen them be - in order to fit together. Not to mention if Miles being little more than a stalker wasn't treated like such
# a joke. There's something seriously wrong with him if he's behaving like this. Bass is there to babysit him. Stop him doing something stupid
# I mean you follow that thought and you think about where Bass ended up at his lowest and it's very not funny....But yeh. I'm probably
# thinking about this too much. See I told you it bothered me. Coz I can't see the distinction between Aaron projecting Dick!Miles who's
# there essentially to (drive the car and) sigh and tell him to get it over with already - and what the Nano has discovered through its abilit
# y to study people and their self destructive tendencies. *clears throat*...but yeh. Bass is very cute in this scene and I love him.
# And I love imagining Miloe taking (I think someone proposed a) camping trip - with Charlie Connor and Aaron. (Danny can't come - asthma)
# Using a monsterous camper utility vehicle that a friend had given Aaron as a joke...only for them to get lost - and end up on the news

Aaron + Rachel (feat. Miles and Monroe) | 2.15

"Okay, so now, I just gotta…What the hell am I supposed to do?"

This is not a really accurate example of my tastes but it’ll do

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Charlie & Nora (feat. Aaron and Rachel) | 1.20

"I’ve been looking everywhere for you."

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# I'll probably always wonder 'what if' with these two. They had chemistry. They both put Charlie first. And Maggie could see right through hi
# m...and in an AU world I can see them getting close. But not too close. An unspoken agreement between them to respect Ben even in death.
# And I'm not having a go at Rachel when I say that (although I could draw many an unfavourable comparison based on S2 flashbacks)
# I think Miles is tired of 'letting Ben down'. And more than that I think Maggie - clever as she is - would know it could only end messy.
# So I would have been 100% down for watching Maggie and Miles try and navigate the pull of their shared bond over protecting Charlie
# I love the idea of shared guardianship. Miles teaches her to fight. Maggie teaches her to think. A defacto little family unit.
# And I love that Maggie realises that Charlie and Miles need each other - way before Charlie and Miles realise they need each other.
# That she steps in to give Miles her version of a pep talk. Because it's not too late for him. No matter what he's done. Charlie can save him
# I totally cried during 1.04...coz omg Maggie was my 3rd fav character. (*shakes fist at Kripke* you could have taken not-Nate instead)
# And I've been binge watching The West Wing the last 3 weeks so I'm trying to gauge who Maggie and Miles would be - CJ and Toby maybe?
# And since I'm confessing things and putting myself out there with this ship that doesn't even have a cutsie name - 1. I have lol'd many
# a time over the fact that blondes on this show are f**king disruptive to everyone else's status quo. 2. I read every scrap of Maggie/Miles
# I can find (Cory is a brilliant enabler). 3. I'm sort of obessed with how Maggie was designated (post!fight) Miles cleaner-upper.

REVOLUTION | Maggie & Miles

You don’t know who I am, Maggie, know what I’ve done.

I do, actually.

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# Text Message transcript -- Bass: 'You mean I get to choose the prize?'.....Susan: 'I don't know what you might be referring to *winkyface*'
# I really love this scene. Nobody calls anybody anymore. Cue Ben calling Miles. Coz it's an emergency dammit. And maybe Ben doesn't
# know how to text...(despite co-engineering the doomsday device of doom. Like sometimes simple things are hard)
# For whatever reason I thought they were in Florida this whole time. Which is weird. It's freaking labelled South Carolina.
# And holy sh*t Miles is that a NOKIA flip-phone? ...I think Bass is right to mock you. (No offense to anyone still living in th
# e early 2000s. I mean it's your choice to use outdated devices. No one can stop you.)
# And I love the way Miles sobers up when he sees it's Ben calling. Coz obviously Ben rarely calls with good news.
# I imagine it's usually an update on Danny's progress.
# Bass' face in the 6th gif reminds me of his 'boys weekend' proclaimation and I love it.
# And I love that Miles uses Ben's full name. And that's he has no handsfree. And Bass is impatiently sexting with a 22 y.o in the seat next
# to him...And OMG - that moment when Bass announces that she's sending pictures and Miles who's only half paying attention to driving as it
# is (coz he's got a worried Ben on the phone) sort of flicks his eyes over curious is hugely underrated. I needed Ben-Miles-Bass moments.
# Awkward speakerphone conversations. Last minute Xmas shopping at Walmart. Rachel realising they're drunk at Charlie's 4th birthday.
# Or well...any hint of what those 3 were like together. I feel ROBBED.

Miles & Monroe (feat. Ben) | 1.01

"Bass, why don’t you just call her?"


What you gotta understand is things used to be different. We used electricity for everything; for our computers, our phones. Even to grow food and pump water. But after the Blackout nothing worked. Not even car engines or jet turbines. Hell, even batteries. All of it gone forever. People starved. Sickness without medicine. Fires without firetrucks. Governments fell. Militias rose up. If you were smart you left the city. If you weren’t - you died there…

The world went insane overnight, and nobody knows why. — Aaron Pittman, S01E01.