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# This is about a billion times better than last years post...No...don't go look at that one. It's awful. Stop. The orange is burns.
# Everyone not Mercy feel free to deleted the bday message. I know you probably don't need that on your blog.
# I honestly think of you every time I watch this scene M. THE FLAILING. IT IS EPIC.
# I love how he chases he down (speed walking much) and Charlie's just as pissed as he is and REALLY not in the mood for a ranting lunatic.
# And then he throws Danny in her face and says the most hurtful thing he can think of...and finally Charlie's had enough.
# And this is what I loved about them (still love about them) they will yell at each other in the middle of nowhere.
# And if he pushes it over the line she'll snap him right back. Like HEY ASSHOLE. STOP PUSHING ME AWAY. I NEED YOU.
# In an AU (no Blackout world) I imagine they only fight like this when it's really bad like: When Miles refuses to come to Ben's funeral beca
# use they still hadn't made up (and 'Ben wouldn't want me there'). Or when Charlie realises Miles cheated on Nora with a one-night stand.
# Or when Miles walks in on Charlie with Bass and flips out. Or when Danny crashes the car drunk and Charlie takes the fall for it.
# Or when Charlie goes missing for three days after her 21st only to call him at 1AM to confess she and Connor may have been partying
# a little too hard. And now they're in Mexico and they've run out of money and Connor keeps joking about pimping himself out and she's
# actually maybe worried that he's not joking. And he wouldn't let her call Bass because they're fighting about god knows what. So help?
# Or when Charlie gets married and he's not there (and Miles can't explain why - but it f**king hurts). Or when Charlie lies about not getting
# accepted to a great college halfway across the country and he finds the acceptance letter when he's helping her move.
# etc. And it always ends with them sitting side-by-side on the front steps. Or the floor. Or in his car. Wherever. Waiting for that first tic
# kle of forgiveness that always leads to the first smile or nudge. Because that's just how they are.

Charlie & Miles | 1.05 | I remember you.

Happy Birthday, street-of-mercy!

This scene makes me think of you :D

our cracking bones make noise turned 1 today!

Happy birthday blog!
This past year has been amazing. (Except for that one hiccup back in May, you know the one -_- )
I dare you to make the next 12 months even better.
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# Billy NEEDS to accept Tracy's challenge...and then he needs to nominate David or what are we all even doing here. How does can life
# make any sense or have any meaning if David isn't dared to be soaked to the skin for charity. Shirt optional.
# And I love that Tracy was nominated by both her TV dad and her TV grandfather. That's family right there.
# And that she nominated Billy - along with her cousin and brothers. People she'd like to see drenched in cold water...Billy is top of the lis
# t. And he better f**king do it and not wimp out. I miss his face. He needs to be on something. I think I've just about accepted that he'll
# no longer be Miles so it's time. And HEY even Stephen did it and he's like old - which is why his expression as that endless bucket of
# water tips over him is the best thing I've seen all year. I keep thinking back to that interview where he wanted to see a storyline in Revo
# S3 about where the water comes from and how they purify it and stuff. Like he was really into the idea of a water storyline. It was adorable
# and weird and made me love him a thousands times more. Coz my grandfather fixates on weird things too.
# You need to watch at least Tracy's and Stephen's videos today if you haven't already. Tracy's so cute and tries to be all informative
# as she splutters and gurgles through intermediate splashes. And Stephen's needs to be seen with sound.
# I can't subtitle horrified gasps. I'm not skilled enough.
# And I love how Tim figured he needed to up the ante by adding a tightrope walking component.
# And in case you're wondering if he made it to the other side? ...HE DID :D
# ...I wonder if anyone's bothered Billy about Tracy's challenge yet?

Revolution Cast | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Tim Guinee* (x), Stephen Collins (x) + Tracy Spiridakos (x)

*Due to Californian water restrictions Tim chose to do 'the dirty bucket of mop water challenge' instead.

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# God I loved them together. Our bombmaking-Miloe-gossiping girls kicked ass and took names. Only pausing to give Miles withering
# looks and side eye all the manpain wafting from his and Aaron's general direction.
# Slightly OT but when Charlie's responded to Miles' question about Monroe's character with...MILES. HE TRIED TO STEAL OUR TRAIN... All I coul
# d think later on was - YES. AND YOU STOLE MILES' BOAT. AND HIS CAPTIVE. & HAD JASON DRUG TOM. & NORA (supposedly loyal to Miles) HELPED YOU.
# I mean HEY let's not point fingers about who's tried to take who's mode of transport. Coz there have been fouls on both sides. Nevermind who
# had better intentions. Stealing is stealing. (And one of you Kleptos totally stole that rowboat to get to Austin - I just know it)
# You know It's been a while since I saw that 1.20 scene where Charlie begs Rachel to help Nora...and it's Miloe levels of f**kery
# I love how Nora spends the whole episode trying to make herself small and unimportant. Here Rachel you take Miles. He loves you. No
# Charlie it's fine. Let your mother go and turn the power back on. Actually you go too. I'll just die here alone. It's fine. I deserve it.
# Only for Charlie to refuse to buy that BS for a second. And then Miles shows up when Charlie needs him most. When NORA needs him. His girls.
# (I remember when you could say 'Miles girls' and people would think - Nora and Charlie. Women who fought at his side. Compromised themselves
# for him. And supported each other. If Nora hadn't slept with Miles I'd have OT3'd them so goddamn hard.)
# So if Nora had lived - Would Charlie have been nudging her towards Miles? Or maybe Invited Nora on her road trip out of town? Would they hav
# e been each other's wingwoman in bars or tried take down Monroe together. Like a team building exercise? ...It would have been nice to have
# someone on Charlie's side this season. I mean Monroe was sort of there (and Connor)...and Miles eventually got there. But the motivations we
# re questionable and infrequent. Charlie needed a friend.
# (And if Aaron hadn't run off to play hide and seek with the Nano he could have been that friend.)
# Nora wasn't my fav when she died (is this is the only way the Revo writers know how to end a triangle?). But I loved that she was protective
# of Charlie. That Nora was missing a little sister and without meaning to Charlie filled that void.

REVOLUTION | S1 | Charlie & Nora

If she’s staying, I’m staying.


It started in 1945, the Nazis were conducting experiments in psychic warfare trying to turn those with psychic abilities into soldiers. Lots of us died. The war ended. But the experiments never stopped.

Other governments around the world set up what they called ‘Divisions’, trying to do the Nazis couldn’t. To turn us into weapons.

The Division agents, are trained to track and hunt us down like animals. Take us away from our families and friends. They test us…and categorize us.

I’m what they call a ‘Watcher’, we can see the future. Even if that’s not always as simple as that sounds.

Others are called ‘Movers’, just as easy way of saying telekinetic. ‘Pushers’ put thoughts in your head and make whatever lie they come up with the truth. Sniffs, Shifters, Shadows, Bleeders…it goes on and on. In Division’s eyes we’re all just lab rats. Only one problem - we keep dying.

No one has every survived the drug meant to boost our powers.

My name is Charlotte Matheson, Division took my mom from me. Right now the future I see doesn’t look so great, but the good news is the future is always changing. In the largest of ways, by the smallest of things.

They’ve been winning a lot of battles, now it’s our turn to win the war.

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# I was actually trying to make an AU gifset re: Charlie and how awesome it would have been had these two been her parents. But somehow
# it all fell apart and now there's just this very shippy thing. And I did ship it. In S1. Because it was super messed up and they were evenly
# matched and watching them play each other was sort I mean who keeps their BFF's ex gf in the attic/basement? A crazy person.
# But they were the same type of crazy. That was the awesome part. Both willing to do ANYTHING to get what they wanted most.
# Screw everyone else...And I would have loved to see them team up PROPERLY in S2. Maybe see Miles & Charlie get into trouble
# and Bass and Rachel coming to their rescue. Raining hell down on all who opposed them.
# And they were so MARRIED in S1. Like bad...put in a call to the authorities and they'll be here in a couple minutes married.
# She tried to stab him so many times. He let Strasser torture her. She refused to tell him anything until the last possible minute. She built
# a bomb. And in a separate incident she tried to kamikaze his ass with a hand grenade. He faked her death (and she returned the favor
# in S2). He threatened her kids. But apologised genuinely for what happened to Ben. And there was so much banter.
# That scene where he reveals he's had Jaffe for THREE WEEKS is hands down top 4 of Bachel moments for me. Coz she's so stunned.
# And then she offers to get into disguise and spy on Jaffe. I mean they're so messed up and awful to each other.
# But for some reason I ship it. I think I need to blame David and Liz's faces for that.

REVOLUTION | S1 | Monroe & Rachel

Ben’s dead.

I take it you’re the one who killed him?

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# I'm experimenting with the speed of the gifs. IDK what I like anymore :/
# I love how not a single Matheson is on team 'Let's go home and pretend none of this sh*t happened'.
# I wonder what would have happened had they listened to Aaron and gone 'home'.
# How long would peace have lasted? How long until Rachel or Charlie ran off in the middle of the night unable to let it go?
# Plus I'm sure Tom underlined the name and location of their village in a file somewhere.
# And I love how Miles is like - this is war Charlie. This is what I used to be a part's so unapologetic. Especially as time goes on a
# nd that phrase 'this is war' 'we're at war' and all its variations becomes a blanket excuse to do something terrible.
# Here it's just a fact. And I love how quick Charlie jumps in to go with Nora. And how Danny's just a moment behind her. I wish we could
# have seen more of Danny when he wasn't a hostage/prisoner. I think one or the reasons I like 1.11 is that Charlie and Danny get quality time
# together...before it all goes to hell. And I love Aaron being protective of them. Because they're sort of his responsibility. Ben's dead. Mi
# les is hardly up to the task of parenting. Maggie's dead. Rachel's a stranger. And it's not Nora's job to look out for the Matheson kids...
# So that just leaves Aaron....And omg I love how scared Rachel makes him. There's no such thing as home Aaron.
# I need an AU where Rachel is a figment of Aaron's imagination. And she just picks on him constantly.
# This episode was supposed to mark the beginning of an awesome part 2 to Season One...and it did not.
# Still I think a hell of a lot of S1 was better than the majority of S2. And I'd take Nora's sister over a Neville centric storyline any day.

Team Matheson | 1.11

Is anybody alive?


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# Yes I know technically this is AU...because S2!Miles had his head up his ass pretty much all season. So there's no way knowing he'd
# be capable of enough self awareness to see he couldn't have done anything this season without Charlie and Bass swanning into town.
# Aaron isn't going to perch on that hill and spend hours staring at people. And sure Rachel can fire a gun...but with how much accuracy?
# He needed his A Team. Not that he particularly welcomed them or extended much courtesy their way. He spent so much time ignoring and bitchin
# g. He wasted precious time pitting Rachel against Bass (for no good reason and took sides. SRSLY. MILES. How old are you? 5?)
# all because he couldn't make up his damn mind. He waved Charlie off with nary a thought (multiple times). And she got one hug.
# I counted and it was one. And Bass got no hugs...I would have even settled for him hugging Aaron. (I like it when people hug Aaron.)
# So anyway - that's why I'm stealing a Riles line (that should at least sort of be a Marlie line...but isn't really because S2). I'm not sorr
# y. I didn't get anything out of Riles so I should at least get to appropriate any dialogue that looks shiny.
# That 1st gif is making me think things about Miles facing off against Nano!Charlie & Nano!Bass. Tho it's really just supposed to note the tw
# o sides that Charlie and Bass bring out in Miles. And how their histories compliment each other - and how this keeps him on
# course. Coz if he can't remember who he is someone else has to pick up the slack. And lucky for him he has 2 people who love him to pieces.

REVOLUTION | OT3 | Charlie, Miles & Monroe

I need you to know that I didn’t crawl out of that hole on my own.

You and Charlie pulled me out.

REVOLUTION | S1: Charlie & Miles

That uncle you knew when you were little?

I can’t be him right now.


My name is Charlotte Matheson…and all the stories are t r u e.