Revolution Fic: Heal Doubts and Diseases


Title: Heal Doubts and Diseases

Rating: Explicit 

Characters: Maggie, Miles, Gene Porter

Pairing: Miles/Maggie

Spoilers: Anything up to 2X9 is fair game.

Prompt: Miles/Maggie AU (It went a bit…askew from the original prompt. Sorry!)


Maggie survived Lowell, but will she survive living with the whole Matheson clan in Willoughby?

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Fandom Note: There are only 2 Maggie/Miles stories on AO3 (perhaps, in all of existence) - someone, please fix this.

Maggie & Miles (feat. Charlie) | 1.04

What makes you think you’re better off without her?

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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# I love that Miles saved Bass and Ben saved Maggie. I am a parallel whore.
# And I think this is at the core of why I love Ben (even tho we don't even really know Ben) because Miles sees him as the Good Guy.
# Someone who made all the right choices and protected all the important people. And never abandoned his family. Unlike Miles.
# Who hunted his own family down and then abandoned the only brother he had left. (Granted I don't think Ben quite deserves the lofty
# pedestal that Miles places him on - but I love how it carries over to Bass and Miles. And how Bass just wants Miles to be proud of him again
# ) And I love how much Maggie and Charlie both love Ben. The way she smiles recounting the story of how she met Ben...ugh.
# THIS is the only time we really saw Miles upset (not angry) over his brother...And the only time we had someone happy to
# talk about him. About what he meant to them. Bass and Miles never talk about him. Rachel and Miles avoid the awkwardness. And even
# Charlie stops mentioning him eventually. He literally saved Maggie's life (and helped end it too). And I love the respectful distance Ben st
# ays at. Aware that he's a strange man and Maggie has no reason to trust him or anything he says.
# And I love the idea that Maggie is seeing that same desperation in Miles' eyes and now she's paying it forward.
# Your brother saved me. Let Charlie save you.
# I love that Ben didn't need to do anything heroic or violent to save Maggie. He just asked her a question.
# About food.

Ben & Maggie (feat. Miles) | 1.04

So, I wandered.

Found myself in Wisconsin. Picked a nice spot. Poured myself a cup of poison.

# nbc revolution
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# Maggie x Miles
# Character Development
# i was feeling sentimental
# revolution season one
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# 1.04
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# I'm in a Maggie mood. Every time I start to think about what I need to gif I think about this conversation. It just sets up so many things.
# Look at Miles thinking about all those families he ruined (pretty sure the Milita had all the ships). Keeping Rachel from Ben and the kids.
# Dumping Connor in Mexico. Sending his own kid (Alec) to Texas. And my favourite thing about Maggie and Miles is they're strangers.
# They love some of the same people. But Maggie knows the Matheson family better than he does. And she's giving him a chance.
# She lost her kids but she found a home.
# It's such a shame Rachel and Maggie never met. That would have been interesting. They both reached a point where they had to give up.
# And I find it hard to get my head around how many people's lives were ruined by the Blackout. By Rachel and Ben hiding out and protecting
# Danny. Putting him first. Billions of people. The entire planet just f**ked over...for one life. And Maggie doesn't even get to be angry abo
# ut it. And no one ever calls the Patriots out...even tho it's ridiculous. And Danny doesn't get to know. And that's all very FRUSTRATING.
# But I love Miles' face in this scene. And I can only imagine if Rachel and Miles had ever had an on screen discussion of her time as a
# captive it'd be just as powerful.
# And I love that little glance she does over to Charlie - and that Charlie's trying to doctor Aaron as best she can.
# And I love that walking = love on Revolution. The further you walk the more you love someone.

Maggie & Miles (feat. Charlie) | 1.04

I gave up.

Knew, I’d never see my kids again, that they’d probably…died.

Scared, alone, crying for their mother.

# nbc revolution
# The Plague Dogs
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# Maggie x Miles
# Character Development
# i was feeling sentimental
# revolution season one
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# 1.04
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# Maggie saw through Miles' BS within the first few seconds of their meeting.
# And I love how Miles thinks she's going to reprimand him and make him feel like sh*t...but that's not her intention at all.
# Because she saw him. Saw the loneliness. the shame. and...hell she's been there. She's been right to the edge and back again. She's let
# her kids down...herself down. She's lost everything and yet managed to find it again in Ben and the kids. So for Miles to think he
# can walk away from Charlie (and Danny and Ben's last wish)...For Miles to think that it's not worth fighting - to find something within
# himself - is just not good enough. And Maggie's not going to pull any punches. So what if you're a world class murderer.
# Charlie needs you to get your act together and YOU need Charlie. It's as simple as that. You have a second chance. I suggest you take it.
# And I really wish we could have seen more of Ben and Maggie and their relationship because I doubt she would have put up with any
# of Ben's BS either. And seeing Ben shut down would have been epic. Coz Rachel never quite managed it in any of the flashbacks we got.
# And OK as much as I think the good ship Jarlie was full of holes...Charlie and Jason being cute in that 1st gif is adorable.
# Scenes like this are why I can't understand the people who crow that Season Two was SO MUCH BETTER than Season One.
# (Maggie and Jeremy weren't in S2 so that argument is clearly invalid.)
# And look at this - Maggie hangs around for 4 episodes. Spends a couple of days with Miles and flat out tells him Charlie can save him.
# THIRTY-FIVE EPISODES LATER MIND. I mean watching S1 you'd assume he knows this. But he let her leave in S2 and he didn't try to find her soo
# making any assumptions about what Miles DOES and DOES NOT know feels like a gamble.
# And Maggie is clearly awesome.

Maggie & Miles | 1.04

"So you’re leaving, huh?"

Charlie + Gene | S2 Deleted Scene: Hunting (2.10) (x)

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# 2.14
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# Deleted Scene
# Duncan would have made an awesome pirate.
# OK I was mad at Duncan for giving Charlie up...but this scene makes me ship them again. And I love that THIS is as close as Charlie can get
# to having a chat with a friend. And how Duncan wants Charlie to understand that it's not personal.
# And Charlie's like srsly. I have to do the spiel again? Would it save time for everyone if I just gave in & got it printed up on a t-shirt?
# I really love that Charlie owns up to feeling indebted (how many times has Bass saved her now?).
# When not too far away - also captive - Bass doesn't believe any such thing.
# And I love that Charlie's acknowledging that Bass is family (or at least on her family's team) when she says that you back your people.
# And I love how Duncan's smugness wears off as Charlie starts defending Bass. But returns right at the end.
# And Charlie looking down to laugh is the most adorable thing ever. Because who knew 8 mths down the track she'd be Monroe's spokeswoman.
# I love how small her voice is when she corrects Duncan. Like she's not really planning on saying anything but those two words.
# Charlie wants to hate Bass. It'd make her life simpler. But I doubt she has enough energy to keep it going thesedays.
# In the story of Charlie Matheson's life - Sebastian Monroe fills several chapters.
# For better or worse. Richer or poorer. Charlie stands by the people on her team.
# Even if she thinks they're dicks.

Charlie & Duncan | S2 Deleted Scene: Before Charlie is handed over to Gould (2.14) (x)

…We were raided by the Wilkes tribe. I was out watering the horses when I heard the screams. No one saw me coming. I found my father’s body. My brothers, what was left of them. I picked up a rifle and I started firing. I blew the faces right off those Wilkes. I wasn’t any older than you are now, really.

I saved a lot of people.

When you save a life around here that person pledges their life to you. That is loyalty. That is family.

That’s something that Monroe knows nothing about.

You’re wrong.

# nbc revolution
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# Deleted Scene
# 2.22
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# I need that brilliant 'WHY?' gif someone made from the early S2 promos.
# This is the last thing Charlie needs. And it's not like Rachel will actually this achieves WHAT EXACTLY? Drama for drama's sake?
# And what do you mean you're a FRIEND of President Davis'? To me he didn't seem like the type to inspire loyalty. The death star's gone dude.
# Find a new job and move on. And how is this Rachel's fault? She played a part - yes. But enough to 'deserve' a stabbing?
# Was she just an easy target? ...And why stab her in the side? You want her to die slowly? Did you not read the report on her getting shot
# in the chest (cough HEART cough) with an arrow like a month or so ago? She's a survivor. Mostly I'm surprised she didn't stab you back.
# Liz makes lying on the ground breathing hard look pretty. Even if this scene is stupid.
# Far better if Rachel had spun on her heel. Caught the knife. Twisted it around and stabbed him...Watching detachedly as he fell to his knees
# Rachel bent to pull the knife free with a jerk. And rose to her full height. From outside the tent she could hear Charlie looking for her. '
# 'In here!' she called out turning to grab her pack before stepping over Douchey McPatriot's leaking corpse. Stepping from the tent she caugh
# t Charlie's arm and tugged her towards the makeshift mess hall. 'How about we have lunch? Just the 2 of us. We have alot to catch up on.'

Rachel (feat. ex-Patriot) | S2 Deleted Scene: Rachel is attacked (2.22) (x)

Miles + Tom (feat. Jason and Rachel) | S2 Deleted Scene: Miles reveals that Monroe’s alive (2.13?) (x)

Miloe Family (feat. Jason) | S2 Deleted Scene: Looking for cadets (2.18) (x)

Connor: So, what’s the plan?

Miles: Keep our eyes open. Look for kids from Willoughby. I don’t know…hope we catch a break?