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# I need that brilliant 'WHY?' gif someone made from the early S2 promos.
# This is the last thing Charlie needs. And it's not like Rachel will actually this achieves WHAT EXACTLY? Drama for drama's sake?
# And what do you mean you're a FRIEND of President Davis'? To me he didn't seem like the type to inspire loyalty. The death star's gone dude.
# Find a new job and move on. And how is this Rachel's fault? She played a part - yes. But enough to 'deserve' a stabbing?
# Was she just an easy target? ...And why stab her in the side? You want her to die slowly? Did you not read the report on her getting shot
# in the chest (cough HEART cough) with an arrow like a month or so ago? She's a survivor. Mostly I'm surprised she didn't stab you back.
# Liz makes lying on the ground breathing hard look pretty. Even if this scene is stupid.
# Far better if Rachel had spun on her heel. Caught the knife. Twisted it around and stabbed him...Watching detachedly as he fell to his knees
# Rachel bent to pull the knife free with a jerk. And rose to her full height. From outside the tent she could hear Charlie looking for her. '
# 'In here!' she called out turning to grab her pack before stepping over Douchey McPatriot's leaking corpse. Stepping from the tent she caugh
# t Charlie's arm and tugged her towards the makeshift mess hall. 'How about we have lunch? Just the 2 of us. We have alot to catch up on.'

Rachel (feat. ex-Patriot) | S2 Deleted Scene: Rachel is attacked (2.22) (x)

Miles + Tom (feat. Jason and Rachel) | S2 Deleted Scene: Miles reveals that Monroe’s alive (2.13?) (x)

Miloe Family (feat. Jason) | S2 Deleted Scene: Looking for cadets (2.18) (x)

Connor: So, what’s the plan?

Miles: Keep our eyes open. Look for kids from Willoughby. I don’t know…hope we catch a break?

Miloe Family | S2 Deleted Scene: After the shooting (2.19) (x)

"Where you been?"

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# feel sorry for David having to put up with Tracy and Billy.
# Tracy literally tries to kick Billy's ass. And David's just like okay...Imma be over here. Out of range of the flailing limbs.
# And Billy looks like a magician in that 3rd gif. OMG I need an AU where Miles is a failed magician until Charlie becomes his assistant and
# they get famous. And I'm pretty sure that David just 'shot' Zak accidentally. Isn't that the scene where Bass spins around to find Aaron sta
# nding there? Whatever's happening David makes the most adorable trying-not-to-laugh noise.
# Best cast is best
# I miss them all so much. I need Tracy and Billy to do more interviews. I need audio commentary. September's going to be so bittersweet.
# Still. Thank you thank you thank you whoever uploaded these bloopers - they made my day.
# And is it just me or is it weird that the box set info lists it as a 'gag reel' but the opening titles read 'Revolution Bloopers'?
# Is this the last thing the Revolution promo people worked on before they packed up and moved on to create havoc somewhere else?
# And where was Stephen Collins? Surely he giggled and made faces?
# And how are there no train bloopers? You're telling me Tracy and Billy kept it together the whole time they were stealing a train?
# I don't believe you.
# And where are the Nanoverse bloopers? Liz said that was some of the hardest stuff to keep serious for.

REVOLUTION | S2 | Gag Reel (x)

Happy box set release day, Fandom :)

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# It wasn't until the end of this episode - when I was in tears that I realised I really loved this stupid show. I wasn't just watching coz I
# was bored anymore. Maggie and Charlie and Miles (struggling with emotions and trying to be comforting when he hasn't really thought about
# anyone else in 5 years) KILLED ME. I can't actually watch that scene with the sound up when I gif. I have to mute it.
# And can we talk about Rachel's first book o' crazy? (Well not really crazy but you get what I mean. What is that a dream journal?)
# I mean why does Bass - growing more desperate by the second - respect her right to privacy? Is it just too easy to read all her secrets?
# What does he think she does with all her free time? Why does he (presumably) keep bringing her new journals if he doesn't know she's using t
# hem? ...Am I just shouting at a plot hole here like a crazy person? I'll stop. Sorry. Just little stuff like that bothers me.
# Coz it makes the Bass-Rachel relationship a hell of a lot more f**ked up and confusing that the secrets he wants are RIGHT THERE in print.
# I need a fic where Rachel writes the future OR has powers like Trick from 'Lost girl' - Rachel the blood queen :D
# And she spends her days/nights writing and reading about Charlie's life. Wishing she was a part of it...waiting for the right time.

REVOLUTION | 1.04 | The Plague Dogs

You saved me.

Thank you.


Revolution: The Complete Second Season

Own it on Blu-ray™ Combo, DVD & Digital HD August 19.

The Adventures of Charlie, Grandpanda & the Oranges of Doomeh continues…

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# This program proudly sponsored by BINOCULARS. Binoculars! For when moving closer is not an option.
# Order a pair today and receive a 2nd pair absolutely free. This offer is not available in stores. Call now. (Lifetime Warranty does not cove
# r acts of Nanites. Postage and Handling not included.)
# This show made me like weird things. Binoculars. Empty swimming pools. Leather jackets. (Okay I kind of already liked that last one)
# And there's at least 3 sets of binoculars. Maybe 4...(I can't tell if Miles has are the same ones in both scenes.)
# I expected the prop people to be a bit lazy about it and say that everyone had the same brand and model - just to save time. But NO.
# This isn't even all the binocular scenes. There's the bad guys watching Charlie Bass and Miles in the train yard scene. The Patriots I mean.
# Geez...but you know what. The Patriots were about as important as Cynthia. Which is to say they lasted longer than we expected and then
# all the characters were over it all too quickly. So YES I might start calling the Patriots the bad guys just because they don't even deserve
# a special name. And I've gone off topic. binocular scenes! The other one that springs to mind is Riles watching Gene betr
# ray them. But I don't think that one counts (nor the bad guy one) coz there's no bino passing. It's the passing that I like.
# Are there any bino scenes I'm forgetting? (That's right I'm shorthanding it. It's a really awkward word to spell over and over)
# And I love that Bass and Charlie started the trend.

REVOLUTION | S2 | Revolution + Binoculars

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# Yes I mean the quote to be applied literally. And ironically. And every way in between.
# Because everyone sure as hell was different in S2. Some for the better...others not so much.
# And looky. I added in some Jason. I liked robo!Jason. I mean don't get me wrong the storyline got in the way of the other 18 storylines
# we were attempting to see through to the end. But hey - it was just nice to see a different Jason. (I still miss Nate)
# And that hand holdy marlie moment is my favourite marlie moment of S2. The other stuff (the little we got) was good too...but this.
# He needs Charlie to stay just a moment longer. Needs that contact to ground him in his grief. (HOW THE F**K DID HE FORGET HOW SH*T HE
# THE REST OF THE SEASON. IT SRSLY BOGGLES MY MIND.) And Charlie knows he needs to be alone. And it's beautiful. And I love them and shut up.
# And I'm never going to be over them kidnapping Gene in the middle of town and dragging him back to their hideout. With a hood on.
# It's so very Matheson. They have betrayal interventions. None of this normal conversation crap.
# (And I still think the show could have cut costs massively and set the next season in a prison and focused on character development.
# It's not like these characters haven't all broken the law ten times over in Texas. Surely someone wants them arrested?
# ) And look at the brand on Charlie's wrist. I can't believe Rachel (if not Bass) never thought to bring it into conversation.

REVOLUTION | Season 2 | On Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD - August 19, 2014.

I am reborn, reformed…forgiven.

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# Can you imagine these 2 working together? Like co-workers working under Miles. That's what I daydream about. An office in Austin. Two desks
# towards the wall facing the door. Bookcases overflowing with maps and battle plans. Intel pages scattered and piled high on every flat surfa
# ce. Bass squinting down at reports from the Patriot clean up trying to work out what they'll need for Friday morning's security briefing.
# Miles swirling his drink around in one hand as he reads the local paper. Stubborningly ignoring Bass' glares. Charlie sitting
# crosslegged on the floor between them. Busily sorting thru the paperwork legal requires them to file w/human resources so they can get paid
# And eventually the boys bully some deputies into locating & moving in a third desk. A small one that just fits between theirs
# And Miles even puts a bow on it. Which he quickly removes before Charlie can see it when he realises Bass is trying not to laugh.
# And they instate a no talking before 10am rule because morning people suck.
# And they carpool...or the no-power version of carpooling anyhow. Which involves a highly sophisticated roster that none of them bother
# to memorise. So yeh they forget to pick up Steve from Accounting on every 3rd Wednesday once in a while. And okay...there was that time
# they played hooky and then got chewed out by several people (who's names escape them) because the wagon was waiting outside
# their place for almost half an hour AND WHAT ARE THEY? ANIMALS? Could they not have left a note on the door or something?
# ...In my head it's S3. We've moved to Austin. Everyone lives in one big house. Charlie and Bass want to move out because it's a bit much.
# But they can't because Riles and also the Texas Government wants to keep a close eye on them. So they're stuck. And Miles gets them jobs.
# (I'm probably going to make a few gifsets with this theme. I already clipped the scenes I want. So I might as well.)

REVOLUTION | S2 | Charlie & Bass

Matheson and Monroe.